About Us

Established in 1992, Urban Dynamics Inc is a boutique marketing, business development, PR, sales and event management consulting company with its roots deeply entrenched in cutting edge brand and marketing management.

In today's fast paced world, many emerging companies, established corporations, magazines and event properties are understaffed in their marketing, business development, sales, advertising departments and public relations departments.

Many require experts for their strategic and tactical marketing, sales and business development efforts. Others lack the funding or manpower to adequately develop strategy and implement tactics. For these companies, Urban Dynamics becomes a part of their team, working side by side, developing winning strategies and implementing needed tactics. Urban Dynamics provides the companies turnkey or project services to accomplish the goals.

Similarly, many start-up companies, entrepreneurial corporations, or event properties require expert assistance in the development of event strategy, event production, sponsor solicitation and support material development. Once again, Urban Dynamics Inc is there to provide turnkey or project services, exceeding goals and objectives.

In short, Urban Dynamics Inc becomes an asset to any management team seeking effective, efficient and quality marketing, sales, business development and/or event production services.

Urban Dynamics Inc can provide contact or temporary senior management of your marketing, sales, business development, PR or advertising.